Manul Changachi (Pickled Garlic)

🕓 Dec 14, 2019
  • #pickling
  • Makes ~500mL (4 heads) of pickled garlic.


    • 4 heads of garlic
    • 1 cup of distilled white vinegar
    • 1 cup soy sauce
    • 4 tbsp sugar
    • 2 tsp chile flakes


    1. Keep the heads of garlic intact, but remove the exterior skin as much as possible
    2. Place garlic heads in a 500mL mason jar, and fill with 1 cup of white vinegar
    • Place a small stone or other weight on the top of the jar to keep the garlic submerged
    1. Let sit for about one month, checking periodically.

    ~ some time later… ~

    1. Drain the vinegar from the garlic. It may be kept for use in salad dressings.
    2. Mix soy sauce, sugar, and chile flakes to make a brine and pour over garlic
    3. Store, loosely covered, in a cool dark place for 5-6 months.
    • They may be used as needed after about of month.
    • After 5-6 months they may be kept refridegerated and covered