Free Software Activities : June 2017

🕓 Jul 1, 2017
  • #fsf
  • A summary of different contributions made in June 2017.


    • #2847218: Experienced a lot of trouble trying to understand how to use composer in a multisite Drupal 8 installation. Commented on the documentation issue to try and find out if anyone has ideas that address that.


    • #2883695: Submitted a patch to fix aegir client’s inability to see site and platforms. Bug originally filed by Neograph734 in #2321425
    • #2697183: Sumbmitted a patch to let aegir client’s login to their sites through the interface, originally reported by ergonlogic
    • #2883630: Reported and submitted a patch for a bug that allows aegir clients to go beyond their site quota
    • #2857721: Tested and reviewed client/user relationship patch by kfolsom
    • #2744039: Ran into issues with hosting-queued and confirmed the work-around proposed by tvl
    • PR 42 Submitted draft of new release notes for Aegir 3.12
    • I started looking at if backdrop can be installed using aegir in it’s current state

    Drush Backdrop

    • #103 Reported and submitted a patch for drush backdrop not respecting the -r/–root argument to drush.