Spelt Sourdough

🕓 Jul 9, 2017
  • #bread
  • Ingredients

    For a single loaf

    • 530g (57%) spelt flour
    • 350g (37%) water
    • 10g ( 1%) salt
    • 40g ( 5%) raw sugar
    • 14 - 13 cup sourdough starter


    1. Gently mix all ingredients together
    2. Place in a bowl and cover. Let sit for 30 minutes
    3. Every 15-60 minutes, do a gently stretch and fold
      1. Hold the dough and let gravity pull it for the most part
      2. Fold, rotation 90 degrees and repeat
      3. Repeat several times
    4. Repeat the stretch and fold procress 3-4 more times
    5. (Optional) let sit, covered, overnight
      1. Do a final stretch and fold to de-gas the dough a bit

    Note: I find this recipe works best if you do a bit more dough then divide into two smaller loaves. Eg ~670g spelt flour.


    1. Pre-heat oven to 450F. Leave a baking pan on the lower rung to heat up with the oven
    2. Place the dough in a 9” square pan
    3. Pour 12 - 1 cup of water in hot pan (careful not to splash oven glass)
    4. Place the dough in the oven and bake for 45 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 200F

    Sourdough Starter

    As a quick reference:

    • instant or dry yeast
    • 14 cup water
    • 14 cup spelt flour

    Mix together and let sit.


    • Drain any liquid
    • Keep 14 cup of sourdough starter aside.
    • Add 14 cup water, 14 cup spelt flour and mix

    Feed every 2 days at room temperature, or every week if kept in the fridge.