🕓 Dec 11, 2015

Gray, your eyes. Staring into the distance
Motion long since lost. We pass you by

Gray, blackness lost. Stretching into the distance.
An open tomb beneath the skies.

Shared fates most dark
Tied together by these
Heavy strands of gravel
and glue

Gray, your colour fading. Laying a step...

Eclipse Phase Character Concepts
🕓 Apr 3, 2015

Character generation in Eclipse Phase is beastly. I think, though perhaps there is a certain lack of system mastery on my part, that is the most taxing process I’ve yet used. I have enough experience with D&D/Pathfinder that I can get through it without too much difficulty, but Eclipse...

🕓 Jan 1, 0001

Theodor von Sturmburg

An aristocrat fighter, born to lead?

  1. Ancestry: Human
  • 2x free ability boosts
  • Languages: common, one extra (free choice from available, +1 if int >= 14)
  • Traits: Human, Humanoid
  • Speed 25ft, HP 8, Size Medium
  1. Background: Noble
  • ability boost: int|cha
  • ability boost:...