πŸ•“ Feb 7, 2018

Coopera was shared with me recently. I really enjoy the simiplicity of the idea, yet the complexity in coordinating with others.

Using a Wacom tablet with Debian Buster
πŸ•“ Jan 12, 2018

I had difficulty getting my tablet to work as expected after upgrading from Stretch to Buster the other day.

The tablet was recognized, and I could configure it and test it in the gnome settings and everything worked there. However, when I tried to use other applications like Krita and Gimp the...

Free Software Activities : June 2017
πŸ•“ Jul 1, 2017

A summary of different contributions made in June 2017.


  • #2847218: Experienced a lot of trouble trying to understand how to use composer in a multisite Drupal 8 installation. Commented on the documentation issue to try and find out if anyone has ideas that address that.


Getting Steam to work in Debian Stretch (Intel Ivybridge)
πŸ•“ Dec 14, 2016

I recently made the jump into stretch. Previously I had steam working fine, and the games I played loaded. After the update, steam itself wouldn’t even start. This appears to be a common issue between the “steam-runtime”, which ships olds libraries no longer compatible with...

HTTP Streaming Audio with Remote Control using CMUS, PulseAudio, and VLC
πŸ•“ Sep 17, 2016

Set-up on your computer

  1. Start CMUS listening on your network
$> cmus --listen= # or the ip of an interface
  1. In CMUS, set a password
:set passwd=YOURPASSWORD
  1. Set up pulseaudio to stream via RTP
$> pacmd
load-module module-null-sink sink_name=rtp
load-module module-rtp-send...

Using AlternC's REST(ish) API
πŸ•“ Jul 27, 2016

I recently wanted to try and use AlternC’s API to see how it worked in the hope that some tasks could become more automated with external clients.

In AlternC 3.1-3.5 there are two sections of the github repo which deal with the api, first of the panel api index, which documents how you are...

Mnemosyne 2.3 Headless Syncing Setup on Debian Jessie
πŸ•“ Jul 19, 2016


Debian Jessie ships Mnemosyne 2.2.x. As of Mnemosyne 2.3.x, the sync feature was much revamped, and a headless sync (& web server) modes were introduce into the application - making it possible to more easily use remote headless servers for central storage and synchronization....